A picture of Oliver, sat on a low wall. TalkFlare
No Stress. Just Talk.

No Stress. Just Talk.

TalkFlare is not an app designed for the masses. It is designed to solve a problem.

There are many people who struggle to talk to those they care about - a common reason for this is often due to anxiety for doing so, which can come to a head when attempting to start a conversation.

TalkFlare is designed to make this task, of starting a conversation, a little bit easier. It's designed to be a lifeline, so that those who need to talk to someone, can, without stressing about how to start. Just Talk.

What It Does

TalkFlare doesn't do a lot, but it hopes to at the very least adequatly do what it was made to do.

TalkFlare is designed to be efficient - users often receive notifcations of a request within 30 seconds, so they are able to respond quickly.

TalkFlare is confidential - user interactions have been tweaked to mitigate any awkward circumstances, so nobody gets the wrong idea.

No ads, no premium option, no excessive features - TalkFlare is designed to serve it's purpose, and do nothing more. We rely on the competence of our users, and trust them not only to understand the app, but to know how to facilitate it to their advantage, and how to support it's future. (P.S: See The Funding Page :))

So What Are You Waiting For?

An iOS release? Yeah, that's fair - working on it. Otherwise, download TalkFlare today, and start being social. Together!